About our coffee blends & how to buy

Star Roast Coffee Blends

Kaikoura - A smooth brew very well suited for plungers and drip filters. Having said that will make a beautifully mellow espresso.

Sharks Tooth - Three bean blend and a beautifully rounded espresso. Short black, flat white, however you like.

Decaf - The process used for the decaffeination of our coffee is known as the Royal Select Water process. In the Royal Select Water Process green coffee beans are immersed in filtered water in order to extract the caffeine. The caffeine is separated from the water by being passed through charcoal filters. This water contains the soluble flavour compounds of the coffee that are then reintroduced to the beans in the immersing tank. In the immersing tank the beans reabsorb the filtered water containing the coffee's original flavours. The result is 99.7% caffeine free and 100% chemical free coffee.

Bag Sizes & Prices

Brown bags - available in Kaikoura Blend and Sharks Tooth:

  • 250 gram for $12
  • 500 gram for $20
  • 1 kg for $35

Brown bags - Decaf:

  • 1 kg for $40

Travel / Gift Packs with an image of the Kaikoura Peninsula on the front label - available in Kaikoura Blend and Sharks Tooth:

  • 100 gram for $5

Phone (03) 3196635 to order your coffee or use the Online Order form.

Refill Jars

We provide small refill jars with plunger ground coffee
to local accommodation places. Read More