Boutique coffee roaster in Kaikoura

Coffee is roasted daily in small batches.
It is left to air (degas) for 12-24hrs. We then send it out and it arrives to you at its best.
Coffee is at its very best 4-10 days after roasting.

If you can grind as you go as this ensures maximum flavour and aroma will make it to the cup.
If you do not have a grinder then we can grind your coffee to suit your needs (plunger, drip filter, espresso).

We sell our coffee in different blends and bag sizes. Read more

Refill Jars

We provide small refill jars with plunger ground coffee
to local accommodation places. Read More

Kaikoura Gift

Our Travel / Gift packs are 100gm with an image of the Kaikoura Peninsula on the front label. Read More